Exile Movie Index – Highlights

This page lists some of the movie highlights from the Myst III: Exile computer game.

Age Finales

Voltaic (part 1)3ENCH70:32.000
Voltaic (part 2)3ENCH80:48.800
Voltaic (part 3)3ENLI50:40.067
Voltaic (part 4)3ENLI120:13.400

Age Transitions

Flyby of J’nanin (arriving at the red reflection pole)2TOHO140:23.733
Flyby of Amateria2LEMT170:15.267
Flyby of Edanna2LELT50:22.400
Flyby of Voltaic2LEET50:19.533
Link to J’nanin (arriving inside the Amateria tusk)1MAIS50:11.533
Link to J’nanin (arriving inside the Edanna tusk)4LIDR270:08.667
Link to J’nanin (arriving inside the Voltaic tusk)3ENSI110:08.667
Flyby of J’nanin (arriving inside the observatory)1MATO480:21.000
Link to Narayan2LEOS1130:14.800
Link to Tomahna3NACH530:11.733


Atrus’s opening narration2TOHO11:49.933
Catherine: “Breathtaking, isn't it? We call it Tomahna.”2TOHO31:08.333
Catherine: “You know, this trip is exactly what Atrus needs right now.”2TOHO50:23.267
Catherine: “Atrus doesn't usually keep people waiting this long.”2TOHO60:23.133
Atrus: “Well, my friend. I see you’ve found the Releeshahn Book.”2TOHO120:53.800
Saavedro hurries away2LEIS40:02.667
Saavedro climbs up the ladder2LEIS70:02.533
Saavedro enters the observatory2LEIS80:04.333
Saavedro: “Atrus? Is that you? Come to rescue your Book so soon?”2LEOS470:51.733
Saavedro links to Narayan2LEOS480:16.067
Atrus: “My sons... I promised to teach you the secrets of my Ages.”2LEOS1031:38.600
Saavedro: “Not so easy, is it, Atrus? Running like a rat through a maze....”2LEOS1041:29.933
Saavedro: “This what you expected, Atrus? When you followed me here...?”2LEOS1051:04.933
Atrus: “You’ve done well, my sons. But there’s still one task ahead of you.”2LEOS1060:32.267
Saavedro: “What’s the matter, Atrus, can't remember how things work?”1MATO51:06.600
Saavedro: “Twenty years, Atrus. Twenty long years alone!”1MATO60:58.333
Saavedro: “This morning I woke up, and I couldn't picture Tamra’s face.”1MATO70:38.333
Saavedro: “What?! You’re not... Where is he?”3NACH22:52.200
Saavedro: “My god. Oh my god... They’re alive?! How did you...?”3NACH562:05.733
Saavedro: “What are you doing? Go back inside and drop the outer barrier.”3NACH330:48.000
Saavedro: “What? You don't think I’m serious about destroying Releeshahn?”3NACH350:19.000
Saavedro: “Apparently it’s my turn to live up to my end of the bargain.”3NACH570:36.933
Saavedro: “Oh god. No. Idiot. Oh no. No! No!! No!!!”3NACH100:38.800
Saavedro: “Oh god. No. Please don't do this to me.”3NACH271:12.467
Saavedro returns home3NACH131:01.800
Return to Tomahna without Releeshahn (Saavedro follows)4TOHB10:27.933
Return to Tomahna without Releeshahn4TOHB20:47.600
Return to Tomahna with Releeshahn4TOHB30:59.000
Atrus’s closing narration (with Saavedro trapped)4TOHB40:43.667
Atrus’s closing narration (with Saavedro back home)4TOHB50:47.400