Exile Movie Index

You can extract and watch the movies in Myst III: Exile without playing the game. To do this, first download and install the following tools:

Then follow these steps:

  1. Insert an Exile CD into the CD-ROM drive. If the Exile startup window appears, click Quit.
  2. Start FMV-Extractor.
  3. Clear all check boxes except for “Bink Video”. (This speeds up the extraction process.)
  4. On the Source menu, click “Select Source File”. In the Look In box, select the Exile CD. Then open the Data folder and double-click a file with the extension “m3a”.
  5. On the Source menu, click “Start Analysis”. FMV-Extractor displays all the movies that it finds.
  6. Double-click an entry to view it.

The help file for FMV-Extractor explains how to save movies to your hard disk.

Movie Listings

Browse movie highlights by category, or peruse complete listings for each Age:

AmateriaCD 1
EdannaCD 4
J’naninCD 2
NarayanCD 3
TomahnaCD 2 / CD 4
VoltaicCD 3