These pages are dedicated to the Myst series of computer games created by Cyan Worlds and Presto Studios.

Myst III: Exile

Exile Movie Index
Find out how to view the movies from Exile outside the game, and browse listings for every Age.
The Journals at
These journals might have contained clues to some sort of puzzle. Can you figure them out?

Journals from the Game

Atrus’s Exile Journal
Atrus plans the Age of Releeshahn, a new home for the D’ni civilization.
Saavedro’s Journal
Saavedro plots revenge against Atrus and his family.


Riven Image Viewer
Download a Windows application that lets you browse through all the screens from Riven.
Riven Image File Format
Programmers: Get technical details about the tBMP images stored in Riven Mohawk archives.
Combinatorics and Riven
How hard would it be to solve the Fire Marble Puzzle by brute force?

Journals from the Game

Atrus’s Riven Journal
Atrus struggles to prevent the collapse of the Age of Riven.
Catherine’s Riven Journal
Catherine returns to Riven and leads the Moiety to freedom.
Gehn’s Lab Journal
Gehn records observations from his projects and experiments.
Gehn’s Personal Journal
Gehn writes about the arrival of Catherine and the Stranger.


Journals from the Game

Atrus’s Channelwood Journal
Atrus and his sons meet the tree-dwellers of Channelwood.
Atrus’s Mechanical Age Journal
Atrus designs a fortress to withstand an enemy’s impending attack.
Atrus’s Selenitic Age Journal
Atrus explores a desolate, changing landscape.
Atrus’s Stoneship Age Journal
Atrus befriends three boys and helps them build a lighthouse.